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nanotechnology particles model Many of the world's governments are also exploring nanotechnology.  Nanotechnology provides potential value to many countries, particularly in the areas of economic growth and defense.  While the United States continues to be the leader in nanotechnology, Europe, Asia, and Israel aren't lagging far behind.

Nanotechnology is expensive, which is why only those countries who can afford it are taking it on.  The United States government, for example, has joined forces with those in the industry, as well as academia, to build facilities and labs designed to support and grow the country's nanotechnology efforts.  The U.S. program is called the National Nanotechnology Initiative (NNI), and it co-ordinates all of the nation's nanotechnology efforts.

Goals of the NNI include maintaining a research and development program, as well as facilitating the transfer of new technologies into products for economic growth, jobs, and other public benefit.  NNI also develops the resources to advance nanotechnology and supports responsible usage of nanotechnology.  In addition to the NNI, there are several other U.S. government agencies and departments with nanotechnology research budgets, including NASA, the Department of Defense, the National Institute of Health, and the Department of Homeland Security.

Europe also has a few key organizations driving nanotechnology.  The European Commission, for example, has several nanotechnology-related goals, including understanding nanotech processes and developing research tools, engineering techniques, and control devices.  Development of fundamental knowledge, engineering support services, and nano-materials handling processes are additional goals.

Asian countries are also jumping on the nanotechnology bandwagon.  In Japan, the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science, and Technology has joined forces with the Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry to oversee nanotechnology research.  In China, the government has given what amounts to $24 million U.S. dollars to the Shanghai Engineering Research Center for Technology.  The Chinese government also funds the National Center for Nanoscience and Technology, as well as the National Engineering Research Center for Nanotechnology.

The Israeli government has set up the Israel National Nanotechnology Initiative.  The mission of this group is to foster government, academic, and industry partnerships that will allow them to become a world leader in nanotechnology.

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